Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Want Get Apple Products Now or Wait

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When to buy Apple products? Many Apple product lovers is among my friend, are you also the fans of Apple? But Apple products are not cheap and some of it is out of our own budget. Some people need to pay installment for the product they bought. If you are rich then you can pay cash. Or you bought it with second hand price. Here is the guide and recommendation to let you know when we can buy the Apple products for safe shopping if you want a NEW Apple product. Read more for the details.

iPod Shuffle (from $59/RM229)Apple has updated Shuffle twice a year, every year since 2006. A new generation should debut in February, and given our issues with the current Shuffle's form factor it's probably best to hold out a few more months.
Recommendation: WAIT

iPod Nano (from $149/RM599)This was just updated in September, the fourth year in a row that their only refresh has been in the fall. You should be fine to buy for now; expect new models to show up again in another nine months.
Recommendation: BUY

iPod Classic ($249/RM979)You're fine for now, if you absolutely need 160GB of storage. Since it's unlikely that you or anyone does, just get an iPod Touch or instead.
Recommendation: DON'T BUY, unless you somehow need to watch TV show made since 1995 on that teeny-tiny screen

iPhoneEven if it hadn't already been 200 days since the last update, there are also plenty of rumors out there about a 5MP camera coming in June. Hold off until then if you can.
Recommendation: WAIT

iPod Touch (from $199/RM779)The iPod Touch has been on the same product cycle as the Classic and Nano since its 2007 debut, but the first generation model also received a memory upgrade five months after its initial release. The 5MP camera rumor applies here, as well, so it's best to see what happens. Recommendation: WAIT

Mac Mini (from $599/RM2199)It just got a spec increase and added a server model in late October. It shouldn't be getting any more updates any time soon, which is a shame, because it's still not a very competitive product for the price.
Recommendation: DON'T BUY unless you insist on Apple

Mac Pro (from $2499/RM9299)While it hasn't gotten an official refresh since March, Apple did just add a 3.33GHz Quad Core processor option on Dec. 4th. There should still be another upgrade this spring worth waiting for, especially with rumors that the Mac Pro is about to get a Core i7-980X processor!
Recommendation: WAIT

iMac (from $1199/RM4299)The iMac was updated at the same time as the Mini, but widely reported display problems make us cautious. Roll the dice if you want, but it's probably best to see if and when these issues are resolved. Which as of today, they're clearly still not.
Recommendation: WAIT

MacBook ($999/RM3599)Apple's basic laptop model was just updated with multitouch, an LED display and a unibody form on October 20th, and it's not likely to be revamped again any time soon. If you'd prefer a more powerful notebook it might be worth waiting to see if the MacBook Pro gets a price drop in a few months.
Recommendation: BUY, if you definitely don't want a MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro (from $1199/RM4499)The MacBook Pro line gets a refresh every 200 days, on average, and we're just about there now. More importantly, there have been rumors that Apple's going to upgrade to Intel's new Core i5 and i7 processors as soon as early January. You can hold off until then, right?
Recommendation: WAIT

MacBook Air (from $1499/RM5599)It's hard to say about the MacBook Air; it's a newer product, so there's less precedent to work with. We do know that the light-as-a-feather notebook last got an upgrade in June, and we can speculate Apple may wait until a ULV i5 or i7 processor is available before ushering in next-generation models. It's worth waiting to see if those processors get announced.
Recommendation: WAIT


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apamise said...

There's no need to wait. If you ever consider of buying a mac or macbook, I assume you're rich enough to buy it again when a new one comes out. If you can't, clearly you're not rich enough to jump into the mac bandwagon.

Almost RM10k for a Mac Pro? With that much money, I could get 2 high-end desktop complete with i7 and some top GPU. :)

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