Thursday, January 28, 2010

11 Things that Apple iPad Don't Have

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Now we all know what Apple iPad can do, but can it satisfy you? There is something missing with this new gadget. What's that?

No Multi-tasking
No Drag and Drop File Management
No USB Port
No SD Slot
No Flash
No 1080p Playback
No Native Widescreen
No Camera
No Full GPS
No Open SDK

Without these 11 features, will you still buy an Apple iPad?



Anonymous said...

Apple zealots will buy anything with an Apple logo on it, even if there are better alternatives. People are still buying iPhones now that Droid & Nexus One are out, for example.

Benjamin said...

hell no

Matthew said...

iPad Camera Connection Kit
The Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera. The Camera Connector lets you import your photos and videos to iPad using the camera’s USB cable. Or you can use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos directly from the camera’s SD card.

Anonymous said...

You really should wait a few days and do some reading before posting drivel like this:

1. No mutli-tasking: true
2. File Management: it has a shared network folder
3. No USB port: true, but for what?
4. No SD Slot: but has an available SD reader
5. No Flash: you expected it when the iPhone doesn't?
6. no HDMI out: yeah, but there's an adapter for that.
7. You want 1080p playback on a 1024x768 screen? Huh? Yeah, its only 720p output to an external screen, but, really, you want this for 1080p playback on an external device? You're beter off with a Mini anyway.
8. An iSight built in would have been nice, but a camera in general would be kinda dumb. It will, however, download images directly from your regular camera.
9. Because its a hybrid device. It would suck worse for most other things to have to work around the widescreen format than it would for widescreen to work around the 4:3 ratio
10. So? It isn't a mobile device.
11. What? If you're complaining about the ecosystem where all apps have to go through Apple, then, yes, this is a major gripe. But its simply how it is.

Of all the issues with the iPad you've chosen some weird ones. Really, and if you want a tablet that does all of that you have to suffer through Windows or try to adapt Android. Either way the tablet landscape is very rough right now.

Cold Pza said...

Thanks for the details!
But anyway we just abit disappointed that iPad is not run with a brand new OS. If all of the features is in a iPad, that would be great! It is not same as the rumor said. It will be cost more to get those adapter, but it is no doubt and we think it is another strategy from Apple. As you read through this blog, you will find out how excited we want to try the new gadget! We're not complaining, but just post a few point that asking who will buy iPad like a survey or get to know before you buy this new gadget.
Anyway, thanks for the details again! Hope you can keep in touch with our fresh blog!:)

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