Sunday, January 17, 2010

20 Rumors Of Apple Tablet

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A visual guide to the many months of rumors surrounding Apple’s rumored Tablet. Click on the image for a higher resolution version or click here for interactive version.

Note: Below you will find a list of sources with a number, these numbers correspond with the numbers in the graphic above.

  1. Unique tablet UI
  2. Aluminium casting
  3. Quarter two launch
  4. Powered by a P A Semi chip
  5. Supported by multiple 3G carriers
  6. 3D operating system navigation
  7. March Launch
  8. Two different finishes (subscription required to view)
  9. Around $1,000
  10. January 27 unveiling
  11. 10” display
  12. Called iSlate
  13. Supports Apple’s App Store
  14. Pixel Qi screen
  15. OLED screen
  16. e-reader like functionality for newspapers, books, magazines
  17. Front facing camera
  18. Multitouch version of iWork
  19. Runs iPhone OS
  20. Interact with tablet using palms and fingers


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