Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Xmas Gift Guide 2009

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There is 2 more days left before Christmas. Are you bought and prepare your Xmas gift to your friends or someone beloved?

Below is the list of last minute gift guide for those who haven prepares for the coming Xmas.

Coupons are easy to get from any magazines, newspaper, flyers and even the prize from any contest. Coupons from shopping centre are the best because anyone can get anything they want or they need. But must beware that those coupons are not expired!

Hotel Lotions Gift Basket
This would be good for those who travel regularly. Collect those spas, lotions, shampoo and put it in a basket that you prepared and wrap it with nice transparent wrapping plastic. It will be look nicer after you have packaging it nicely. If you are daring enough to take away the hotel towel then this gift basket will be bigger and heavier!

Hand Craft T-Shirt
Nowadays making a hand craft t-shirts is simple than ever! You can write anything about that specific people like “Merry Xmas ____!”.

A Hug
A Hug can be an ultimate gift for those who really didn’t prepare the Xmas gift at all. But this hug must be sincere and thankful for you and your friends/beloved. But please don’t use this trick again next year! People will talk something bad that we can’t imagine at the back of you.


Rachel said...

i bought a ps3 games for my husband, i think he will like it..

Very Cool Stuff said...

PS3 games is fine as long as he own a PS3 console. What game did you bought?

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