Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Etsy - An Online Shopper's Paradise

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Do you have been go to Etsy to check out their stuff? They have plenty of creative home crafting from their designers. Most of the products are simple and nice! Their office is nice too. It is locate in the Brooklyn Bermuda Triangle (between DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene), Google map it for how to get there so that you won't lost. Read more for more images.

"Any tips or advice about office décor, layout or organization? If your office space is in flux, like ours often is, don't get too attached to your personal space! Instead, think about portable elements to personalize wherever you may be. (We're big on tchotchkes and small art.) In fact, we're very happy you asked us to do this Behind the Blog, since Etsy will be moving offices soon and it gave us a chance to document this happy time and place! We love our space and are glad to be able to share it. One décor idea we'd like to get some advice on: We often close the door to our room to keep down distracting noise from the kitchen area outside. But then we feel closed off! So we are thinking about commissioning a custom sign for the door to our room, something welcoming that lets visitors and coworkers know who we are and that they can barge in: any ideas, readers? Let us know!"
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Etsy's team members.


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