Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Europe's God Of War III Ultimate Edition

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Europe's God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition is the only way for our friends in the PAL zone to get a local copy of the God of War Collection. It's also the only way to get all that extra stuff, including the miniature Pandora's Box, art book, soundtrack, character skin, etc. etc. It's also the only way to get that lovely packaging, which those of us in North America may covet over the simpler version releasing here.

Once open, you will find the following items:
  • God of War III (of course!)
  • God of War Collection (gentle reminder, this is God of War and God of War II, remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc)
  • Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
  • Dominus character skin
  • Apollo character skin
  • Phantom of Chaos character skin
  • Forgotten Warrior character skin
  • Special audio bonus
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War I, II, and III scores from the game (3 CDs in total)
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (downloadable via PSN)
  • Additional content:
  • Artbook
  • Postcards

source[playstation blog]

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